Web design & development services — $65 per hour.

Custom programming — $75 per hour.

General video & media production — $75 per hour.

Call for pricing on scientific/animation projects.


Large projects, such as new site designs or major upgrades, will be outlined in a detailed proposal specifying the scope of the project and the nature of the work to be performed. The proposal price is calculated by estimating the number of hours required to complete the project and multiplying by the hourly rate(s). Smaller projects and ongoing maintenance work are billed according to the applicable hourly rate.

Some Web design companies offer per-page pricing. No two projects are alike, so we really can’t give you an accurate price until we talk to you about what features and functionality you will need on your pages. While we do not calculate proposal prices on the number of pages, the column at the right will give you a ballpark idea of the cost of our services. Keep in mind that pages with multimedia content and custom programming functions do take more time to build and are priced accordingly. If you have a limited budget, let us know. We can design a site for you that can be expanded at a later date as funds permit.